I feel so confident and it shows as people I have been around for years have noticed the change in my personality. My boyfriend loves the results as well. - Anonymous

A Proven Track Record

Below you’ll find several of the unedited endorsements e-mailed to us from past users. "There is just one reason InstantBust is Award Winning... IT WORKS!" If you would like to share feedback about your experiences, please e-mail our customer care team We also honor your wishes if you prefer to remain anonymous.


"Absolutely love the InstantBust gel. A must have beauty essential! InstantBust is the best breast enhancement alternative to surgery around!"

- Anonymous

"As a model, I simply love your gel product and always have a bottle on hand when I’m doing a photo shoot. It’s even helped me book more magazine ad’s! Thank you for a great product and customer service!"

- Anna

"Hi, my name is Erica and I am 30-year-old model for department store catalog’s. Back on the 4th of October I was online searching for places to get my boobs done. I came across your product. On the 8th of October I received my order and started that day. Now I am a 30-year young woman with gorgeous breasts! After using the products for 12 weeks, I have now doubled my breast size! You know also I like that fact that I can apply the gel before photo shoots to keep them extra perky. It sure beats implants! Also saves me allot of money. I am very happy with the results as is my husband and I look forward to telling my friends about these products. Thank you very much!"

- Nicki

"I never write testimonials but I am a huge fan of InstantBust and was disappointed when my beauty shop stopped carrying it. That is until I found the website to order it directly and for way less. This is the only product I've used that does what it says and doesn't leave you disappointed. It really gives me that extra fullness. I will be a returning customer. Thank you."

- Anonymous

"I've been using InstantBust gel for about 8 years. It’s the only product that actually does what it says and your breasts look natural unlike resembling balloons from implants."

- Anonymous

"I've tried so many different kinds of breast enhancers. I spent $90 on naturalfull and although it did a good job of firming I really don't have the money to shell out that much money for a product. I found InstantBust much more affordable and gave it a try. I am so impressed. I didn't expect it to enlarge my breasts as much as it did. My breasts are already a decent size, but InstantBust also makes them look fuller and more shaped. For the cost and the effects, this stuff is truly amazing! Can't wait to buy more!"

- Anonymous

"I especially want to thank you for the confidential shipping. I also want to thank you for the receipt of your product, which I started using right away. I can already tell the difference and it has been just a little over a 2 weeks not only that but my breasts are looking really lifted!"

- Anonymous

"Hey there! I have been using your product for 2 months and had great results. I progressed like I was told I would. In the first month, I started to see & feel firmness. Then my breasts just started to grow and at the end of the second month I started to see full results. My size went from unnoticeable to gorgeous! They are literally juicy for the first time in my life. Thank you! I can’t wait for your bra line to come out."

- Faye

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I’ve been using your gel for a little over a month and already have seen many changes. I have seen growth and fullness. My breasts are lifted too. I have to admit that I was skeptical but you guys were right - it works!! Thank you."

- Anonymous

"This product really works. After 1 week of usage, my breasts were fuller and my tops were fitting better."

- Lisa

"Hi, Just wanted to add a comment in relation to the gel and capsules I have been taking for 3wks. These products work well. Not only are my breasts larger, they are fuller, firmer & perky! I have already filled out my bra completely after using your product for 3wks & I've ordered some more – I recommend this product to everyone seeking real results!!"

- Dorit

"I love the easy application of the gel. It is fairly inexpensive, and anything's better, and looks better, than surgical intervention. Give it a try."

- Marlene

"This is my 2nd order of this and I could not live without it! The best product for the most reasonable price, anywhere. I knew it had been working as well as promised but recently buying a new bra I went up 2 cup sizes!! Would recommend to anyone that wants bigger breasts without surgery"

- Yuko

"I'm 5' 4" and 123 pounds...when I started I was a 36A... I've been on the complete program 2 months and am into a B cup... one more month should do it. (After the fourth month) I'm all done... that's it... thank you... I'm going to tell all my friends, especially the ones who laughed at me because I was taking these pills... I'm a full C and perfectly happy...(Now who's laughing?) P.S I love your Instant breast enlarger it made me feel more confident the very first time I applied it! Thanks"

- Anonymous

"I used your instant breast gel and think it is the best product ever. My husband adores it and my co-workers think that I have had some type of implants. Thank you."

- Anonymous

"After the birth of my second baby I was devastated & needed to do something to boost my confidence. I was up late one night watching tv & saw your info-commercial come on. I had very small breats so naturally I was exited to see this! I immediately called my mother to turn the channel to look, she was like oh yeah I have it, I just started a week ago! I was like MOTHER & you didn’t tell me! I just hung up the phone. So I ordered it within 5 minutes because I guess that’s when the special offer ended. All right to get to my point I have now the most supple, gorgeous, shaped, lifted and marvelous breasts ever!!!! I can go on & on & on! Within the first two weeks my husband asked what I was doing! My self-esteem has been boosted through the roof! Thanks! Oh yeah & my mother is also very pleased she is dating again at 65!"

- Holly

"Dear InstantBust,
I'm writing to inform you that I think your gel is such a great product. From the first time I used it, it worked right away and made me about a full cup size larger in just a few minutes. It also made me so firm. I used just the gel for 2 months and now I have a one cup size increase."

- Debbie

"Love this product! I apply it at night and wake up to fuller breasts! Really pleased with it!"

- Anonymous

"I've been using InstantBust for a few months now. I can definitely tell a difference in size and so can my boyfriend, and since using your products he's been the happiest I’ve ever seen him. Wink. Wink."

- Katie

"The shipping was incredibly fast and I feel like it's doing something. I'll definitely keep using this product and most likely repurchase. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something to help make your breasts a little bigger."

- Rachael

"Thank you for your responses.  I have noticed there seems to be a lot of sensations in my breasts, and then a sudden surge of growth.  Just for your information the gel really works great, it seems to lift them! I do wear a bra daily, however, due to the sagging I have been wearing a bra to bed to keep them from further sagging down. I am very impressed with your products and was very skeptical when I ordered, I just started my 3rd week on the system and I am very pleased. I have grown over 2 inches, which really surprised me. Thank you again."

- Anonymous

"My boyfriend used to complain because I had no breasts. For my birthday, he bought me InstantBust, and I was ecstatic!!! Because I heard from one of my friends that it really works, but couldn’t afford it at the time. Anyway’s I quickly enhanced & like doubled my size in just 2 months!!!! OUR SEX LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER!! Thanks Darlings."

- Anonymous

"I used InstantBust after my friend told me about it. I didn’t want to have implants, they just looks so fake. I decided to try it and I am glad I did. My breasts look so much fuller!"

- Diana

"Dear Customer Service,
I have told everyone I know about your instant breast enhancing gel because I think it is the best idea ever for women who want larger breasts on a whim. It sure beats surgery or pills. I saw it first in a magazine, very pleased. I gained back all I lost from breast-feeding thank you very much. The gel really seemed to give me back the perk I used to have. It really lifted them off the floor literally! LOL. Anyways, Thank you!"

- Valerie

"Hi There,
I have been using your gel for weeks now and just wanted to say… thank you for making a product like this. It really works!!!! I apply it whenever I need an extra boost of self-confidence. I’m going to have to use it everyday so I can increase the size permanently, but my schedule is so hectic…I’ve made a goal next month to apply it every morning and night!"

- Anonymous

"I was a 34AA...now I'm busting out of my A cup after just 10 weeks... may decide to do it again when I have more money... maybe another cup size or so... thank you so much... very excited with results so far!"

- Anonymous

"InstantBust really enlarged my breasts, like doubled them in size. They were really small; I didn’t even feel like a women! Now every one in my office just thinks I have money to throw around and had implants .Thanks!"

- Anonymous

"Works great. Keeps breasts full looking when at the beach. Also lifts them up. Will keep ordering this product."

- Anonymous

"Hello, I've been using your product for a few months now and have seen a huge improvement in my breasts. Guys never asked me out before, and now I can't keep them off me. Now you need to invent a stick I can beat them away with LOLOLOLOL! Everyone tells me I look so much hotter now with fuller breasts. I should have been using these products years ago!"

- Anonymous

"Best of both worlds instant fullness and enlargement. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!"

- Anonymous

I must tell you that to use a small amount of gel and minutes later you have larger breast is mind-boggling! Yet, at the same time it is the best! My husband thought I was crazy when I bought it but now he’s eating his words. Thank you."

- Anonymous

"I have been using your products for 2 months. I have noticed my breasts enlarge and firm up! Thanks."

- Katie

"I am a 22 years old and have considered breast augmentation many times, but I have been reluctant because of the health issues and fake look. I started your products about 3 months ago, and have doubled my breast size to a more desirable size for my needs, I’m a model & it’s very important in my industry. I’ve received so many more job offers & shoots since I starting using InstantBust."

- Anonymous

"First and foremost I have TOTALLY fallen for your instant breast enlarger please never stop selling this wonderful product I don’t know what I’d do without it, you have changed my life!"

- Anne

"Hi ALL!
Your instant breast enlarger is FAB! God I love it so much, it’s like that commercial for the herbal shampoo, Yes! Yes! Yes!"

- Anonymous

"I just received my order in the mail today and are impressed with the speed in which it arrived. I look forward to using your product and buying more from you in the future. Thanks."

- Anonymous
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